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    Tianjin Daxiang building materials Co. Ltd. is specializing in the production of dry building materials enterprises, located in Tianjin District of Dongli City Huaming High-tech Industrial Park, the company has advanced medium-sized powder building materials production and test equipment, to meet the standard and batches of production at the same time can be customized for double products, with an annual output of 50 thousand tons.
    The company's main products are cement based self leveling series, non shrinkage grouting material, hardened ground tile series, adhesive series, decorative putty series, wall insulation and decoration mortar series, waterproof mortar series, special emulsion and interfacial agent series, a total of 9 categories of more than 30 kinds of products. It is the pursuit of the elephant company to provide professional and quality products for customers.

    The elephant company advocates the high efficiency mechanized construction of mortar products, and can provide the customers with mortar pump and spraying machinery.

    "Hold the elephant, the world to" the elephant building material is willing to develop together with you!

    天津市大象建筑材料有限公司版權所有 .津ICP備09004216號. Tel: 022-24377365